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This is my Deviant Art for cosplay.

Visit my other accounts!
main account and fan art :
paintings and photography :

Completed Cosplays:
Saya - Blood+ (school outfit/season 1)
Saya - Blood+ (season 4)
Aelita - Code Lyoko (seasons 2-3)
Aelita - Code Lyoko (season 4)
Ange - Umineko no Naku Koro ni/chiru
MSYU - [C] the money of soul and possibility control
Battler - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Natsume - Natsume Book of Friends
Utena - Revolutionary Girl Utena (school outfit)
Dorothy - Big O

Costume Events:
Club music video shoot - October 2011 (Saya)
Ohayocon 2012 - (Msyu, Battler, Ange)
ACen 2012 - (Msyu, Battler, Ange)
Ohayocon 2013 - (Msyu, Ange, Aelita)
ACen 2013 - (Msyu, Ange, Erika)
Colossalcon 2013 - (Dorothy)

I do not buy pre made costumes from online stores.
My costumes are either self-sewn or adapted from thrift store/yardsale purchased items.
I don't plan on doing comissions, but I would help friends if they need assistance.
All photographs are self-shot with a timer, unless otherwise stated.

The name of my account, "ZenZen Dame Da" is a referfence to the 'Umineko no Naku Koro Ni' novels. Battler and Ange tend to say the phrase alot - which translates to "It's all usless", "No good at all", "It won't work"...etc....
I also say similar things myself (in english, naturally, and before reading the series). It may sound a little discouraging, but that's how it is. It's a widely applicable phrase, I think, thus the account name ;D


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